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'Dancing in The Fields' (Butterfly Garden Wisdom) *ConSOULting

~ The ancient Greek word Psyche (of the mind, Spirit or breath) when translated, also means Soul and Butterfly. ~
Monarch/The Emperor (Tarot Link)
Hold on Loosely/The Tower (Tarot link)
Praying Mantis/The Hermit (Tarot Link)
Web of Life/The Wheel of Fortune (Tarot Link)
Dragonfly/The Moon (Tarot Link)
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These 48, Butterfly Garden Wisdom cards are nature-inspired and created from personally interactive-experiences, reflections, intuitive-dialogue and photographs captured within our butterfly/wildlife habitat (as featured in Gulfshore Life Magazine). The beautiful deck and guidebook are written to open, ignite and sharpen your perceptive-powers of awareness. This unique deck is not only for lovers of butterflies and flower gardening, but designed for anyone seeking to commune with The Unified Field and the ways in which it is reflected upon physical matters in the spectrum of life. The ‘Spirit of Nature’ (butterfly garden wisdom), acts as a field-guide. Each card offers relevant keyword(s) and messages to support you in navigating the dancing-alchemy of Spirit as Matter within your own soul-garden. In addition, I've created a deck that includes the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. Specific cards of my original deck are noted as a Tarot Link and can be applied or linked to the Major Arcana specified on the card. If you wish to include the Tarot Link, please let me know when requesting a reading.

Matter is Spirit moving slowly enough to be seen. — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


In conjunction with my connection to the butterfly realm and the energy of transmutation, I offer intuitive insight on basic happenings within your life. For instance, which life-spiral you are currently in, in what areas and how this may be influencing your thoughts, behavior, choices, situations, events, career and relationships (especially the one with yourself). I offer assistance with understanding these phases and transitions so you may make choices based on clarity from expanded perspectives. Once the insight is shared, it is completely your choice what you do with what is revealed. It is my intention that your reading(s) be used as a catalyst to strengthen and tune-in to your own intuitive knowing.

Many of the card insights are general, while others may carry a deeper message. Your *conSOULting (s) are not about me "telling you" anything you don't know; but a natural way to draw-out and re-mind you of what your soul is already well aware of. The art of my *conSOULting(s) are based on the current soul/essence and snap-shot of your life, and I do not claim nor aspire to be a "fortune-teller". What is so today may not be tomorrow; for outcomes and results can and will shift according to how vibrationally-matched and in harmony your intentions, focus and actions are. The power and canvas to co-create and live a soulfully-fulfilling life, is in your hands. I simply support a space and platform for you to become more aware of, experience and embrace it. This is intended to serve in unison with your own divine-aligned guidance. 
*My coined-word ©ConSOULt or ©ConSOULting: To come 'thoroughly together with' Soul and/or be 'with the Soul'.


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Certified and registered with Monarchwatch.org and the National Wildlife Federation, Michele nurtures and releases butterflies within her  butterfly/wildlife habitat. She has guest appeared on SW Florida’s  Lee Pitts Live show and recognized in the Naples Daily News; both citing her environmentally-rooted endeavors.

Since June 2010, well over 2,500 Monarch, Queen and a variety of other butterflies and moths have been released from our habitat, and counting... 

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