I am so appreciative for the (Therapies) Tuning Fork Therapy I received from Michele Haszard. She is definitely a gifted and sensitive therapist . Through out the therapies she was alert to all changes in tone and length of tones, pulses and vibration of each fork. At one point I felt totally relaxed and out of my body. Overall the session left me feeling more alert and energized. I definitely recommend this therapy to other people .... as well as this therapist. -Gina Ellis, SWFL

I thoroughly enjoyed Michele's Tuning Fork session today. She informed me prior to our session exactly what she was going to do. During the session I felt completely relaxed minutes into the session. At the beginning I thought a of a peaceful place, to get all my other racing thoughts out of the way, even though I was in pain at the time. I realized during the session that the pain was not what I was concentrating on, I even felt some relief of my pain. Although Tuning Forks is completely foreign to me, Michele helped me to understand the concept and I trust her completely and looking forward to our next session. -Dena L. Bradley, SWFL

A card received after her attendance to a Group Sound Meditation (9.15.18 - Crystal River, FL.)

I enjoyed our conversation prior to the start of the therapy, she explained everything clearly to me. During the therapy I felt safe in her hands and confident that she knew what she was doing. I almost fell asleep also during the therapy I felt euphoric like I didn't have a care in the world, even though mind sometimes wandered away of what from was going on, I then cleared my mind by imagining I was sitting on a park bench listening to a babbling brook. When she reached my neck I felt like I had a voice now and I could use that voice to express myself openly and honestly. I would love to have this therapy again as often as Michele and my schedule would allow.  -Thank you Michele,  Dena L. Bradley, SWFL

You have helped me a lot. You have let me now he is ok. Thank you so much. As the tear comes down. I think at last now my baby is happy and being love. You have been a blessing to me. You have helped my heart heal. Now I know it's up to me to heal the right way. I can tell you it was amazing what it did for me. Thank you for walking through this with us." ~Cherokee Newsome -Texas (after a personal reading and soul-release of her nephew that passed-on.)

I am finally getting excited again! Thank God (and my Goddess friend Michele). It's been too long. I am flooded with ideas now, and not just about the object of my excitement but about EVERYTHING ELSE. YESSSS!!!! I have to thank you for your magical universal fishing pole you set up on the shores of the Ocean That Holds Lost Passions. You sure know how to fish!  ~Laura -California

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