Divine Natured Alignment
Divine Natured Alignment is my play on the biological genetic sequence acronym, DNA.
Divine – Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence, Eternal All That IS, Was and Ever Will Be. 
Natured –  
1) Quality, spirit, makeup, features or disposition, type, kind, life, temperament.                                 
2) Immersion with and through the biological/organic/Natural world and Earth-life matrix experience.
(my inspired definition)         
3) Earthed - As electrical beings also, Earthed, from a physics perspective implies;
‘Grounded, connected electrically to the ground’.
Alignment – You are Divine Source and thus already innately whole and complete, not becoming it. The multidimensional and interdimensional realities of your spirit, soul, mind and body is One Unified Field.
This alignment reality is ever-present whether you are presently conscious of it or not. It Is What You ARE. To Know ThySelf (your Alignment-awareness), is knowledge and/or a Knowing gained through direct experience beyond just a theory, knowing of or having rote information. Yes, this alignment includes the subtle transformation of the body, so that the physical level and aspects are brought into equilibrium.

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.

 – Abraham Maslow 


Why Divine Natured Alignment?                                                                                                                            

Tuning into your Divine Natured Alignment targets the filters and veils that have altered and distorted your divine awareness, consciousness and thus your perception abilities. These distortion filters are based on beliefs of separation. It is the filter that you are somehow; separate from Source (your Alignment).
This belief then influences your thoughts and thought patterns; those thoughts and thought patterns then take form or shape and are reflected in your life. Some of these subconscious filters are also an accumulation of your soul wounds and soul contracts; as well as the collective’s experiences and history that have conditioned the mind, perception and reality of/and about yourself, your life and the world altogether. Along with that, are a host of influences stemming from societal, cultural, familial/ancestral, educational, religious and/govern-mental programming. 
Reclaiming your Alignment with Some DNA Science                                                                                             By shifting our perceptions (dissolving interference-filters), you can override the carbon framework at the level of the nucleic acid bases in the DNA. Dr. Bruce Lipton, Stem Cell Biologist is spearheading the science of epigenetics. Epigenetics means ‘control above the genes’. Our environment and our perception of our environment control our genes. Shifts of perception and new feeling states trigger latent DNA codes. His breakthrough research and discoveries have bridged Quantum Physics with cell biology in the communication of DNA through mind and matter. Our DNA programs are like snakes shedding their old skin; we are constantly releasing old encodings. 
That from which a thing has been made in a natural way, by that same thing it must return to a dissolved state into its own nature. Everything has to be dissolved and reduced into that form from which it rose.
-Anton Joseph Kirchweger
In Nature ... Throughout the caterpillar’s evolution, their alignment is ever-present and intrinsically imprinted within it. This is indicative of its innate potentiality to expand into its highest expression. The caterpillar sheds several skins (filters), fully dissolves (disintegrates) its former existence and reconfigures to the point of a complete quantum DNA transmutation. When ready, its latent, imaginal cells activate and the quantum process of transfiguration takes place. Simplified, a caterpillar is a self-actualized butterfly. It forms its wings and takes flight as its own living reality. They are Master Alchemist!
Like the caterpillar, revealing its highest expression of form; human transmutation and transfiguration is not just a metaphor or pseudoscience cliché. The butterflies are doing it all the time! How much more so do these dynamics apply to you?
This is the focus of my own life. As the filters recede, you can choose how you’d like to influence your life through the unified lens of your perception. In other words, as more and more of your signature DNAlignment is revealed to you; you can choose which talents and version(s) of yourself you want to experience, explore and consciously evolve with and through. Integrative Cosmic Awareness is direct knowledge that you are All That Is, and utilizing it within your present life for experience, expansion and evolution.
The integrity of my services is to respect you as a fellow, life-traveler. This serves you and I to remain Self-empowered, by supporting your free will choice to tune-in to the alignment of which you are and be an active participant in your own experiences. 

My abbreviated background and pivotal Alignment shift:

I spent 22+ years as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Yes, from age 8 I knocked on doors, joined The Ministry School, began public speaking in the congregation at 11 and I was baptized and ordained a Christian minister (conducting home bible studies) at 14. Even through the deep indoctrination, I lived with heightened awareness (especially self-awareness), and an ability to empathically read the energy-frequency/vibrations of others, situations and environments; but didn't share it with anyone. 

Because - 1) I initially thought everyone was aware in these ways, then - 2) I was well into my teens and realized that was not so, and that my innate awareness; was in direct conflict with my given beliefs and upbringing. I didn’t seek the awareness and IN-sight … it seemed to just arise and simply,

“be there”. I began to feel like something was wrong with me. It was part of my "normal" inner life to have feeling-flashes of life (as if in another time/space), running parallel to the one I was experiencing. In short, I always felt there was more (even beyond my religious beliefs); I just wasn't conscious of what and where the more feelings were originating from. These perpetual conflicts were contributing factors as to having spent many, many years carrying a nagging undertone of existential depression.

Within 2002, I could no longer ignore, repress, nor allow my being being suppressed, and life as I knew it began to take hard, right turns. I began exiting in 2004 and officially disassociated myself from the organization and school in 2012. Though I experienced a full share of a spiritual crisis while expanding through my former cult life; I was simultaneously experiencing a glorious and inexpressible spiritual liberation. I extracted and retain the beneficial aspects of that chapter of my life through peeling away the inauthentic, programmed layers and discarding that which no longer rang as true for me. Little did I know that was just the very beginning layers and filters of consciously reclaiming my Divine Natured Alignment. However, that arduous exiting-trek became a template of transformation for me - creating a gateway and foundation by which all conscious shifts in my life could then follow.

It is therefore through and an extension of my ongoing, experiential path, that my offerings are presented.