Integrating your Wholeness-Awareness 

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.

 – Abraham Maslow (1908 – 1970)


Beyond what we've been conditioned to believe, we are far from being "inherently broken". As spiritually infinite (our eternal formless essence) and finite (our physical/material) human form, not only are we magnificently multifaceted; we are whole, sovereign beings. As such, we are inherently entitled to access and thus experience our wholeness. The Art of Wholeness can be about shedding old self-defeating beliefs and patterns, awaken from spiritual-amnesia, remembering our “forgotten parts” and more fully living the wholeness we already are.


My services offers ways of tapping-in to your innate essence and internal compass, beyond "the noise", static and distortion that beckons to pull us out from our center. Choosing integration at this level can serve to shift your scope of awareness and thus expanding your range of possibilities in all areas and/or stages of your life. I encourage guidance that is highly interactive to those desiring to identify, activate and/or deepen your communion with all of who you are. I do not determine what that experience should be, look or feel like - you get to explore that. However, I’m available to assist with accessing your body, mind and spirit's unlimited, natural reSources; while supporting an atmosphere of sanctuary for those resources to naturally flow. BEing unified is not something that needs to be created, it already exists and is something you can choose to embrace, embody and consciously live. 

Abbreviated background in expansion:

I spent 22+ years as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Yes, from age 8 I knocked on doors, joined The Ministry School, began public speaking in the congregation at 11 and I was baptized and ordained a Christian minister (conducting home bible studies) at 14. Even through the deep indoctrination, I lived with heightened awarenesses, but didn't share it with anyone. Because - 1) I initially thought everyone was aware in these ways, until - 2) I was well into my teens and realized that was not so, and that my knowing, via these awarenesses; was in direct conflict with my given beliefs and upbringing. 


Within 2002, I could no longer ignore, repress, nor allow my being being suppressed, and life as I knew it began to take hard, right turns. I began exiting in 2004 and officially disassociated myself from the organization and school in 2012. Though I experienced a full share of a spiritual crisis while releasing my former cult life; I was simultaneously experiencing a glorious and inexpressible spiritual liberation. I extracted and retain the beneficial aspects of that chapter of my life through peeling away the inauthentic, programmed layers and discarding that which no longer rang as true for me. That arduous exiting-trek became a template of change for me - creating an opening, foundation and gateway by which all pivotal and conscious shifts in my life could then follow.