Intuitive Arts Soirees

Host an Wholistic/Intuitive arts soiree! Sound Immersion/healing, Tea Leaf and/or Intuitive card Reading soiree by inviting Michele to your home, business or club\community function. These private gatherings are where you and your guests come together at your chosen location, to each receive 1-on-1, private services. Personal (or as a group) Sound Sessions, Readings and guidance in tuning-in to your own intuitive abilities are conducted privately, in a room away from the group (unless you choose otherwise). Enjoy a light, fun and uplifting evening together!


5 min. - 8 max. guests, plus host/hostess
15 minutes each, per each service         
$45/person (all supplies included)                                                                                                                                                                 

$75 an hour - minimum 2 hours is required to book.

A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required to hold the date.

*All guests are required to pay for the minimum fee in order for the Host/ess to receive the FREE, 30 min. Sound Immersion. FREE Session is non-transferable.
For gatherings outside a 10 mile radius of Michele’s home address, there will be a fuel charge of $2.00 per mile. Travel to locations outside of Citrus County, FL: $25/hour. Ask when booking your event if this charge pertains to you. 

If 2 of your guests book a soiree with me, you (the host) will receive a full 45 min. Sound Immersion for a later scheduled time. 

If you prefer to hold your Soiree at a space other than your home, please let me know. I may also be able to obtain use of another suitable space at an additional rate.

To request a quote and book a Soiree, contact Michele.








Officially known as Tasseography, Tea leaf reading is an old practice and is as simple as seeing the patterns and connections in everyday life and things. For starters, you can think of the teacup as the sky and the tea leaves, like cloud formations. They can be numbers, letters, shapes, objects, so on and so forth. Though many symbols and forms carry cultural, historical and/or socially-collective meanings, ultimately the see-er or observer...YOU - should have the final authority on what the impressions are communicating to you. I don't experience tea leaf reading as fortune or future-telling. In whatever form or tool used, divination (see Divine in that word?), is a pathway and channel to accessing your own intuitive, Divine Awareness. Like any divinatory aid, I experience tea leaf reading as type of bio-feedback. That feedback offers in-sight pointing towards possible happenings, results and/or outcomes of your present life. The art of my *conSOULting(s) are based on the current soul/essence and snap-shot of your life. What is so today may not be tomorrow; for outcomes and results will shift according to your intentions and focus. The power and canvas to create and live a soulfully-fulfilling life, is in each individuals hands. I simply support a space and platform to become more aware of, experience and embrace it. My services are intended to serve in unison with your own Divine guidance.



Smudging (Aura\biofield blessing). This can be done right after each personal reading. If you’d like to include this feature, please be sure to mention it when setting your date.

Privacy Policy
All reading consultations are kept confidential. Michele Haszard will not disclose any information to third parties. The only exception of this confidentiality is if she feels the client is in danger of hurting themselves, or others, or if she receives information on the abuse of a current minor. In such cases, she is obligated by law to contact the proper authorities. 


References, photographs, or testimonials may be used on this website only with the express permission of the participant(s) of the services or owner of the photographs.

I request that all guest be 18 years or older.

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