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Naturally-Expired Butterfly/Nature Creations and more.

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How my path with butterflies began...  
In January of 2009, my dad/best friend, experienced a sudden brain bleed; languishing him with severe and multiple complications. After 4 months of not an ounce of progress, he communicated that he was "ready" to transition. I honored this and he passed-on in dignity within 3 days of me admitting him to Avow Hospice of Naples, FL. He was 5 months shy of 50. Under a year later, I realized that I'd not grieved and was in need of doing much needed 'letting go' in many areas of my life. Seeking comfort and inner peace regarding my father's transition, combined with my childhood love for butterflies and nature; I decided to create my own butterfly garden, nurturing and releasing Monarch and Queen butterflies. I loved it so much, I didn't stop. As some of the butterflies expired in various ways, I began to collect their beautiful wings. Recognizing the healing, comfort, wisdom and joy the butterflies and Nature experiences bring to me, I wanted to share this with others. This inspired me to begin designing and creating jewelry and much more; which also supports the habitats. 



*Ethically-made*, Butterfly/Nature jewelry & more.  Along with a boho-chic feel, the essence of my inspirations and experiences with Nature, is naturally-infused within every one of my creations; no matter their simplicity,

design, theme or contents. 

*Outside of wildlife-life, no creatures are intentionally harmed/killed within our butterfly habitat (or otherwise), for my creative works. In other words, they expire under conditions common to their life, thus surrendering their wings. 

Their wings and elements are then re-purposed.


Since June 2010, well over 3,000 Monarch, Queen and a variety of other butterflies and moths have been released from our habitat, and counting...

As with any organic plant material, some natural-fade may occur over time (this only applies to non-Resin pieces).


Care Notice: Although some pendants have a seal-finish, and are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Do not immerse in water, expose to high moisture or excessive amounts of direct sunlight. I am not responsible for damaged items due to buyer negligence. Glass pendants/medallions are to be 'handled with care'. For this reason, I do not recommend wearing other jewelry items that rest directly next to pendants/medallions. DO NOT SLEEP WITH ANY GLASS JEWELRY ITEMS ON! Take conscious-care when setting them down on any hard surface.



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