Tinctures are essentially liquid extracts of herbs. They are effective because they create a potent and easily absorbed concentrations of the herbs cured in alcohol, glycerin or apple cider vinegar. They offer high concentrations in small doses and when dropped under the tongue, enter the bloodstream very efficiently. Meaning, the action in the body is faster than with ingestion or tea extraction. Some herbal tinctures can take action very quickly, such as herbs for relaxation. Some are more nutritive and building in nature and can be taken regularly to build up adequate effects in the body.

My tinctures are organically homegrown, harvested and

prepared. GMO and pesticide free. All tinctures are charged on my Selenite crystal block (a great emotional stabilizer, a.k.a. "liquid Light"), and/or Sound-charged.

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Lemon Balm Tincture
1 oz. $12.00
1 oz. $12.00