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Org-Energy/Orgone is the highest energy under the Sun. It is derived from the words

organic, original, orgasmic, organisim, organisim and origin.

-Dr. Delbert Blair (Engineer, Researcher, Historian and Master Metaphyscian)

Orgone Energy is based on Wilhelm Reich’s scientific research. Orgone energy is similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, bioenergy, etheric energy or universal energy or zero point energy. It can be created by layering organic and inorganic materials that are able to harness this vital life force energy and amplify it. This effect can be created by hardening resin, creating constant pressure or compression on the crystals, making the end-points polarized. This causes the crystal to give off a small electric charge, which is thought to be the action that restores stagnant or chaotic orgone energy to its natural balanced state. It is believed this causes the orgone energy effect as a positive generator. As the crystal becomes a kind of battery, the piezoelectric effect works due to the movement of atoms in the crystals’ molecules. Orgone can be seen as a *scalar device due to the piezoelectric and magnetic field produced. It is believed this is also what causes the orgone to function effectively as a positive energy generator.     The materials within the pieces can assist with diminishing the effects of disharmonious EMFs, and include the added beneficial properties of the stones and crystals within them.

Your innate energy blueprint can be strengthened and amplified. My intentions in creating Orgone pieces is to assist with tuning-in and wholistically fortifying your natural energetic alignment.

What are some of the other benefits? > Calms the mind > Better sleep > Boost energy > Mental calmness

> Balance mood > Cleans stagnant energy > Transforms energy into a positive state and more.

Disharmonious EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies)

The frequency and voltage levels produced by man-made EMFs can fluctuate, they can be erratic and they vibrate at levels that are not consistent with nature. Scientists have found that the unnatural qualities of EMFs create biologically-meaningless currents in human cells and nervous systems, causing disruption on many different levels. The human body has many natural electrical functions of its own, and the cells and systems within the body are innately designed to send and receive this electrical information. When we absorb electro-pollution from man-made sources, the cells in our bodies have the capacity to receive it as information. For example, scientists have been able to ascertain that EMFs knock ions out of our cells and they also interfere with the metabolism of the cell nucleus. This disruption can account for deficiencies in calcium, lithium, and potassium, as well as lowered melatonin levels. It has also been established that these frequencies create stress proteins within our bodies, which means that EMFs cause a constant underlying state of physical stress.


DisclaimerMy creations are not a substitute for professional medical and/or mental healthcare. They are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment, but can enhance and support energetic balance, harmony and wholeness. If you wear a pacemaker, any other implanted medical device or are pregnant, consult your doctor before

wearing on the body.