Merry New Year! 1/1/2018

I'm opening 2018 sharing new services and with this song as the theme embedded as the soundtrack of my life. This song has been an all-time favorite of mine since childhood (I think I was 8 when I first heard it). Completely inner-whelmed by it's depth, it always enveloped me with an inexpressible, inner recognition and comfort. Though it may have been written with the shared love of an-other in mind, it is much more expansive than that to me - and yet it does not exclude the shared love with an-other. Love is an All-inclusive energy/force/frequency of, within and through All Living things. It is infinitely timeless, endless, ever-expanding, ever-evolving; and within the physical fields of this Earth, through all seasons - Love is Evergreen. 💚

May Love, Evergreen, be your reality in whatever form you choose to experience it. This year and every year after...


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