Natural Alignment Reclamation

As a former, active and dedicated Jehovah’s Witness for 20+ years, I now offer "transition-guidance" to those who've left and are seeking support in expanding forward. I left the organization and school in 2004 and officially disassociated myself in 2012. Yes, having forged a path through to the other side - I'm now in a position to support others from a neutral place. I'll be utilizing my experiences and path through healing to wholeness, and share this with others seeking tangible support and reSources to reclaim their genuine, spiritual liberation. 

If your soul has found this page, know that it is not by “accident”. It is not my focus to convince anyone of anything and I wish to make it clear that I am not against ANY religion (organized or otherwise), and I do not oppose any belief system. However, I am for offering support in reclaiming, embodying and living personal-liberation and innate spiritual authority.

Though this service was initially inspired with former Jehovah's Witnesses in mind, it is easily adaptive to those coming from all organized faiths or beliefs. The common effects are the same, regardless of the specific belief system. My interspiritual guidance and support respects all beliefs and faiths as a service to each ones path. You can have no religious or faith background at all and still benefit from this service. Societal and cultural conditioning, programming and pressure to conform - can be just as difficult to break free from as exiting authoritarian religion.


Take note that my sacred support is not about religion-bashing, fear/hate mongering or divisive ploys. I respect and honestly understand that many (like myself), have experienced wounding. I will not however, get into debates over bible scriptures, beliefs and/or disbeliefs. I wish this space to remain a place for support and Self-empowerment. If something does not presently resonate with you, it doesn’t. If you can’t let what doesn’t resonate with you, be - and proceed, then I’m presently not the assistance you are looking for.

My intention is to assist those seeking a ‘safe environment’ to lovingly and with dignity, transition through their longstanding religious life/reality and to reconnect with their wholeness, love, wisdom and creative power. My services are universally relevant, no matter your religious background, beliefs and/or upbringing. My focus is on integrating and living wholeness, consciously.

Spiritual Guidance Tunings can serve you to: 
Please see the Divine Natured Alignment page first, regarding dissolving filters.

*Move through the deep grief due to loss of family, longtime friends (still within the organization). Feelings of loss of your way of life (the only "world"/reality you knew) on and so forth. 
*Move through feeling like a spiritual refugee or outcast.                                                                                        *Discover or rediscover your sense of Selfhood/identity/Self-knowledge (knowing who you are)                       
*Discover or Rediscover your inherent right to experience thinking, feeling, seeing/perceiving independent of guilt, paralyzing-fear instigated by man-made dogmas and doctrines. This may especially apply to those who were ‘born into’ or brought-up in it from a young age (like myself). Exposed to and influenced by fear-themes like Eternal damnation/hellfire, the Great Tribulation and continual heralds of ‘the end is near’/imminent Armageddon. 
*Feelings of loss of the "possibility" to receive ever-lasting life in paradise, as your so-called punishment for disobeying god and/or the “authorities” of the organization.     
*Reclaim your sacred sexuality (without shame). Sexual energy is intrinsically linked to our creative energy and thus your ability to create a life of our own making.
*Reclaim and explore your creative talents and powers.  Awaken you to your natural intuitive abilities. Clear-knowing, Clear-sense/feeling, Clear seeing so on and so forth. It is common to have shut-down or numbed-out your intuitive/spiritual abilities, because they do not align with the organization's beliefs and would be fiercely condemned as a mental illness and/or "demonic powers”.
*Discover and explore your own sense of spirituality.
*Move through any disharmonious concepts of material and monetary abundance and wealth, taught as, "not spiritual" or worldy. Awaken to the value, worth and benefits of Self-love and its direct link to material/physical abundance and thriving. ​                                                                                                                                          *Connect to and experience your Center/Core-Self that may feel as if its power has been hijacked or usurped.   
*Coming to terms and finding a sense of peace about your religious path and experiences. Experiencing clarity (though not tolerance) about abusive behavior towards you, coming from those who are still in the organization.          
*Claim your joy and freedom. Explore and discover new hobbies and re-creations. Seek out new friends and support. Learning to identify and integrate your authentic-Self in life, with others and all life.                                   *Support you in grounding and integrating your inherent spiritual authority with the physical world and your physical life/Self.